Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Many of you know that California is ablaze right now with over 300 square miles already burned; that's bigger than Chicago people. It's hard not to find humor in the situation, as sometimes it's our only way of saying that we care. I find that odd though; as I do for many other situations where humor is used in place of true fear or worry. Even so, eating breakfast with my friends this morning I had to point out a new item on the Coco's menu. Eggs on Fire. I didn't order them, I figured that would be too deserving of hell points, but true, I did make a conscious effort to point them out.

All this reminds me of though, is when our house caught on fire back in '99. We lost almost everything from the water and smoke damage, and it was a trying time for my family. The worst part was at the very beginning when I was driving home and wasn't allowed in my cul-de-sac because a big fire truck was blocking the entrance. As I drove past I saw my house on fire. That's something I would never wish on anyone. Ever. Or was the worst part calling my work and telling them I couldn't come into work that day because my house was on fire, and them asking if I could come in later in the afternoon. Hmmm...

In other news, today is such a beautiful day that I would love to spend it outside, but this smoke and haze surrounding us is not particularly beneficial to anyones health. And I appreciate my health enough to realize I need to clear the mess that is in my room to bring me a little more peace in life.

And to bring joy to my mum.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

workaholic extraordinaire...

It seems whenever I find myself working, I do so for long periods of time. This is no fault of my own mind you, I'm only required to show up during my regularly scheduled work week. But therein lies the problem, as I'm usually only scheduled four days out of the week, and two of those days somehow always end up being twelve hours of work. This can be nice at times, especially when I'm scheduled three twelve-hour days; leaving room for one day with only four hours to be around for. Trust me, in a four hour shift there's really not much you can do. And if you do end up doing all the work that needs to get done, you're finished before you realize. Not so with working twelve hours in a row.

Today was one of those work days that seemed to drag on and on and on. I found myself walking in circles more than once, and when I told my mom this when I got home she suggested walking in triangles and squares next time; something I'll have to do. I was productive once or twice, for I picked up four kids from school and was gracious enough to bring them back home. I also helped a couple kids wash their hands after going to the bathroom and I helped a girl with her homework before I left tonight.

The best part today though, was all the comments I got on my bow-tie. I had a small whim to wear it today, and I'm so very glad I did because of all the monotonous work that seemed to trickle a little faster with my humorous attire. My co-workers called me a nut, especially because it wasn't an ordinary black bow-tie but a plaid one, and I was given a few weird looks picking up four kids from school wearing jeans and a dress shirt con bow-tie. I admired it though, and yet thankfully not more so than the children with whom I work. One kid, who shall rename nameless for now out of the protection of the innocent, kept flicking it and saying bow-die, not being able to truly pronounce his t's yet. And another thought it silly enough to laugh at every time she saw me, but maybe that's just because she does that anyway.

All in all, it was a good day, even if it was one of my longer days. Besides, it just makes me look forward to the few eight-hour days I have every once in a while, and even more so the four-hour ones.

So here's to work, and here's to amusing attire, may they coincide and bring joy to our lives.

losing lisa...

tonight i cried for a friend.
not because of loss, or uncertainty.
but because of their life, their choices.

if they were to ask me.
if i looked down on them.
i'd say no, not at all.

because i don't.
but i still hurt.
i still wish they knew the truth.

and so i live, my life.
in a way that would bring light.
to a lost and dying world.

so as not to lose lisa.