Friday, July 31, 2009

dear readers...

apparently you actually are interested in any sort of goings-ons in my life. 

it's hard to write about it though - because when it comes to big life plans and decisions i'm more of a one-on-one type of guy. or really in terms of any conversations. but there are some of you that i won't see for a while, and so i suppose this merits the information to be shared here.

one of the whole reasons for having a blog right? makes sense, i guess.

this move's been a long time coming, and still the countdown is at 80 days today - but in 80 days i will be driving myself over to the small state of texas, in the city of san antonio. between now and then i have a lot going on, so that is why it is 80 days and not 10, but i figured i might as well let the cat out of the bag to surprise as few people as possible.

and i think the emotion of it all is slowly starting to set in. seeing my older sister cry when i told her last night wasn't helpful. the constant "why are you moving, again"s won't get old, but why do i second-guess myself whenever someone asks that question? i was reminded last week though, that if i go off of emotion and feelings then i'm going to stay - and not move in the direction i truly know i'm supposed to go in. people are going to be sad to see me go, and people are going to be happy to see me arrive - which isn't necessarily a catch 22, but the phrase sounds good enough to use.

i'm going to miss my family tons. yes.
i'm going to miss my friends lots. yes.
the beach. yes.
the weather. yes.
scooter. yes.
lots more. yes.

no, i don't know where i'm going to work yet.
i don't know who i'm going to live with.
i don't know a lot of things.

but i know i'm supposed to go. i know things will work out all in due time.

and i'm more than excited to see how everything happens and where my life is headed.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

did you hear the news today...

oh, you want news.

i guess i could give you a little.

i'm moving.

more to come later, i promise, i just don't feel like writing right now. it's late?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

seasons change...

once again, it's been a while.

but that's okay. because i've been busy. busy figuring out life, busy flying north and south, east and west.

time goes so slowly these days. it's what i get for not being employed. 

today is tuesday. 

in 48 hours i'll have news.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

these frail hands...

i need your love. 
and most of all i want to feel your peace. 
i need your love. 
let everything that you are not decrease.

be a man...

cry me to sleep. birds without beaks. quick clip my wings. falling from swings...

...follow carmen sandiego to the remotest parts of the earth young one, you have much to learn in this world of darkness and despair. the sky is falling but only just above you - sidestep left, backstep right. sing to your king for he is the only one who loves with purity.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

happiness is...

joel said all i ever blog about are morbid depressing things.

well at least i blog!

some happy things happening soon:
  • aj and rhi and coben and jonas are coming to town
  • mikey mulligan is getting married (this means bachelor party to throw, rehearsal dinner to eat, tux to look hot in and songs to dance to)
  • dinner with aj and rhi and coben and jonas and bri and james on monday
  • softball game on monday after dinner
  • a flight to texas on tuesday
there you have it. some unmorbidly delightful things.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

ragamuffin poet queen...

where are you?


it's nice to lie down and do nothing. i don't relax enough. i don't take time to sit down and let my mind wander away from anything to worry about. that's one of the sad things i've noticed since being back for two weeks now. i can change that of course, i'm just thinking about how i didn't have to think about it three weeks ago. it just came naturally. and so what now? do i just sit and complain that i'm not getting enough rest or downtime? when in fact it's my own doing that has kept me so busy since i've been back home?...sigh.