Monday, January 09, 2006

times are changing...

At the risk of sounding cliche, I must admit that seasons are finally revolving and that God is moving. Try as we may to direct our lives in the way in which we want them to go, God is slowly nudging us into the direction that he knows is best for us. Right here some might say this is nothing but predestination, but are we not called to willingly submit our very lives to him?

As for me, it seems very apropos that I am in the midst of a major "life-change." I call it this because at the present time I find myself sitting comfortably in my own bedroom in a wonderful house in one of the greatest cities in Orange County. And yet I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not where God would have me to be. Ahh, right now, today, yes. But by June? No.

This past month has been one of many changes for me; such as having 16 people break my hand involuntarily, having to resign from my present job because of the inability to work, finding new friends on the other side of the continent, turning in applications to become a substitute teacher, and even more importantly coming very close to making a decision to move to Mexico for a year.

Friends, all two of you, I am finally moving on, and I feel confident that God is daily completing His good work in me. No, His perfect work. If anything, God is leading me on new adventures that at times I feel are a bit scary. But what better adventure, than to be following the plans of the one who created me. I leave you with one closing thought, one that fits me well:
  • For all we have learned, and all we have and will accomplish, is rubbish without Jesus. -Cheri Clark


Joel said...

And so it is Official:

I am happy for you.

Keep in touch ;)

timsamoff said...

Walk on, James. Walk on.

Kate said...

Breathe, breathe, O Breath,
And fill my sails
As I put out to sea;
Lord, I am Thine,
And Thou art mine;
I will go on with Thee.
(Amy Carmichael)

Step by step, Lord, lead us onward,
Walking barefoot with our guide -
Listening for Thy softest whisper,
Savior, for us crucified.
Lead us on, though flint and briar
Wound our feet at every stride,
Tireless, till we find the lost one,
Savior for him crucified.
(Amy Carmichael)
Well, Shamus, my heart and prayers are with you and for you. Always.