Tuesday, April 03, 2007

destination beautiful...

it hurts. this soul of mine.
endlessly searching for greatness.
finding none.

mind over matter.
what matters is my mind.
violently swerving left and right.
when all it needs is a straight line.

whatever happened to today.
tomorrow will never exist.
today. it's all i have.
so simple and yet.

sloth. lazy. tired.
my eternal damnation.
forever mine to live with.
where is the flame that once burned bright.

a spark at most.
but still ignited.
not extinguished.
not yet.

give me one good chance.
one chance to fail.
and i probably will.
again and again.

but i won't be defined.
by thoughts and ponderings.
actions and deeds yes.
and through the eyes of Another.

my feelings are selfish.
whenever has someone been so blessed.
to only throw it away.
for fear of losing nothing owned.

this ride is far from ending.
a u-turn here and there yes.
but destination beautiful.

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