Tuesday, July 29, 2008

this might be the end of me...

Leave it to corporate giants in our day and age to shut down any fun American citizens might have.

If you haven't guessed already, which I'm undoubtedly sure you haven't, I'm speaking of the heinous crime of Facebook shutting down Scrabulous as a result of Hasbro's incessant complaining that infringement upon copyright has been made. Read it HERE.

I'd like to quote Victor in his comment to this post: Productivity will soar with the Facebook Scrabulous application shut down. Those millions of us who cannot go a day without playing this wonderful version of the word game will be forced to find other pursuits..."

Maybe, just maybe, this will motivate me to get a job.


Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

This might be some sort of blogging record for you. I though my new reader was broken or something. James blogged again this can't be right.

I think the appropriate tittle would have to be "this might be the beginning of me."

Last think I need to say is that Hasbro needs to stop complaining. People who are going to buy scrabble will still buy scrabble. If anything they just sold more games.

James said...

I'm glad I'm putting your blogger to good use.