Tuesday, March 24, 2009


it's hard to describe
all that is being done
deliberate service, yes
but for what good

just a glimpse
seems to be all i'm ever given
back home
i go back and live comfortably

fitted sheets
down pillows
food in the fridge
milk delivered fridays

seek first his kingdom
and his righteousness
and all these things
will be given to you as well

but what about
them as well

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WarriorChick4Him said...

Spoken with true conviction..

I ask myself that question all the time and I find myself almost burdened by the answer (almost). I love my down comforter and my five pillows. I love my nice car and all the air conditioned buildings. I love where I live, and the comfort brought by my lifestyle.

But I have to ask myself, at what cost?

When does my desire to serve God and his kingdom coincide with the way my life is lived? Sure, my mission field is wherever I am, but what about this desire to "go" and leave it all behind?

again, "one must love his life enough to lose it"

Am I ready to lose it? Am I ready to let it all go? And if I am, WHY does God still have me here?

I envy you right now JD...even though I know it's not easy..sometimes I think it would be easier just to let go of everything...and......


Not just for me..but for them.

Perhaps, you are an answer to someone's prayer..

You are ushering in the Kingdom when you go....we are tools that God uses to reach people.

You are serving..for them.