Friday, July 31, 2009

dear readers...

apparently you actually are interested in any sort of goings-ons in my life. 

it's hard to write about it though - because when it comes to big life plans and decisions i'm more of a one-on-one type of guy. or really in terms of any conversations. but there are some of you that i won't see for a while, and so i suppose this merits the information to be shared here.

one of the whole reasons for having a blog right? makes sense, i guess.

this move's been a long time coming, and still the countdown is at 80 days today - but in 80 days i will be driving myself over to the small state of texas, in the city of san antonio. between now and then i have a lot going on, so that is why it is 80 days and not 10, but i figured i might as well let the cat out of the bag to surprise as few people as possible.

and i think the emotion of it all is slowly starting to set in. seeing my older sister cry when i told her last night wasn't helpful. the constant "why are you moving, again"s won't get old, but why do i second-guess myself whenever someone asks that question? i was reminded last week though, that if i go off of emotion and feelings then i'm going to stay - and not move in the direction i truly know i'm supposed to go in. people are going to be sad to see me go, and people are going to be happy to see me arrive - which isn't necessarily a catch 22, but the phrase sounds good enough to use.

i'm going to miss my family tons. yes.
i'm going to miss my friends lots. yes.
the beach. yes.
the weather. yes.
scooter. yes.
lots more. yes.

no, i don't know where i'm going to work yet.
i don't know who i'm going to live with.
i don't know a lot of things.

but i know i'm supposed to go. i know things will work out all in due time.

and i'm more than excited to see how everything happens and where my life is headed.



Kyle Ray said...

Well, Sir, it will be sad to have you leave, but I too think it might just be the best decision. Good luck out there. Hopefully we get to see each other at least one more time in the next 79? days.

The Agees said...

I echo Kyle's comments. I'm excited that you feel this kind of purpose, though, in relocating to San Antonio. Come visit so we can hear about your decision "one on one."

Lollslynne said...

Well, um... that's a pretty bit cat to let out!

So long as you're safe it doesn't matter where you are. Its a journey! Enjoy it!

Also, its a new place for people to come visit... just tell everyone that you're setting up a visiting base or something...

Keep us in the loop, we are indeed curious. You do live an interesting life.

Ashley said...

I didn't know the James that wrote this. But I sure do love the James I hugged today. So thankful to walk with you and see all the things God is doing in your life.