Sunday, May 06, 2007

la tierra...

planet earth is an amazing documentary.

that one would think all this came into existence because of chaos crashing together is....ignorant.

ignorant of truth. of what it means to acknowledge an intelligent creator creating.


and you.

and yet i still find myself being selfish enough to believe that and yet distance myself from a God of mercy and grace who sees me as more than a conquerer.


The Booters said...

aren't we selfish. it is really rediculous. and by the way, you are right. Planet Earth is one of the coolest nature show i have ever seen.

Good to see you around here, you should do this more often

James said...

Yeah, I know I should. Sometimes I feel like I need to have something profound to say.

But I really don't.

The Booters said...

not at all, i am going to say something stupid on my blog just to prove it.