Tuesday, June 12, 2007

this sorta thing part deux...

Didn't think I'd been given much of a choice anyway. 'Cept, really, the choice is entirely up to me. I fail a lot. And many a time I let my failures define who I am. I think that has a large impact on all of my relationships. People around me notice it. I notice it.

sometime one time in a lifetime

So many chances though. Chances to change, chances to make a difference in something...anything. And yet no opportunities fully grasped or taken advantage of. Definition of man? Definition of me? No, not a true one.

this sort of thing could blow your mind

'Tis as simple as that. And I know....I know, I know, I know - it's going to do more than just that. Freedom. In life, in any idea that I have some standard to live up to, to live how others expect my life to end up. When it comes down to it, I'm the only one standing at the deep end.

or change everything

To put it lightly I suppose. I don't expect a dramatic change in anything. No text-book miracle or plagiarized expose. A slight bend in the road, a shift of the quiescent x-axis. But time is money these days, and you'd think anyone and everyone would want an immediate about-face. I can't do that...

so here, here we go again:
should i move right or left
or just step back to check if i missed a step
oh no, you can never be too sure when forever's on the line
forever passed me by a hundred times tonight



the CoR said...

I don't think you fail nearly as much as you think you do, ol' chap. And I do wish that some dramatic change would happen and you'd see that. But hey, we all have our things to overcome. In the words of my dear friends Halfway To Nowhere, "it takes tiiiiime, whoooooa." ;o)

The Booters said...

'Tis true that life is full of choices, and each choice could dramatically change you life. You never know. Lunch at In and Out could introduce you to a rich man looking for an heir, but then again it may just be lunch at In and Out. But i think that we are not called to dwell on the past, we are called to be content where we are. Content in the Lord. Make the best choice we can in a situation, leaning on the Lord, and he will make clear the path. (Sometimes).