Monday, June 04, 2007

this sorta thing...

i, i've got a hunch that we will never be the same. these things tend to change - everything.

I had a wonderful weekend. The kind of weekend that makes you think - yes, this is why I care about my relationship with God so much. But I really didn't think that. I don't know what I was thinking.

like a pause just to glance, or a choice, or just a chance

We got on the topic of 'once saved always saved' and it was interesting to see what my friends had to say. I don't want to get into that on here, but it is definitely an interesting discussion whenever it takes place.

and we were never ready for this anyway

I enjoy talking about my faith. My reason for living and the things I believe in. But whenever I talk about it, in the back of my head, I think - I am not living this life at all. I am to be compared with white-washed tombs if anything. My Pharisaical life is not to be envied my friends.

well come on, come on it's about time jump on in before you change your mind

Jump on in? As if I could do that with any strength I had. Strength? Life? What a confusing thing. Where have I been these past eight years? I'm not sure I could answer that.

no promises on this sort of thing.



The Agees said...

What's the poem/lyrics/italics?

The Booters said...

joel joel joel, i am dissapointed in you my friend. even if you have been living out the country for so long. no excuses.

james keep the faith and hope alive. I have heard a wise man once say, i have always wanted to say that, that this feeling with never go away. the more you grow the more draw close to Jesus, you will never be satisfied. and more that fear or longing means you have not calloused your heart. Just listen to it and draw closer. I think that we are all in your shoes.

James said...

Booters, don't be so hard on Agees.

And Joel, it's from a song titled "This Sorta Thing" by a good band that I've listened to these past few years until they broke up recently. Soapbox Symphony. Ever heard of 'em? Check out the song on their myspace, I think you might like it.


The Agees said...

Really. That song must not have made an album. Not that I got all the albums that I paid for...


I'll check it out, humbled.

The Booters said...

like you deserve can all that you want as soon as you live in the country again.