Monday, November 26, 2007


cry little girl. cry.

cry long and hard.

don't stop crying.

life is. not. fair.

yesterday this. tomorrow that.

what will break you.

what will push you over the edge.

i pray it nothing you ever find.

your life. is meaningful.

your world. it seems. crashes down.

every damn day.

every minute there is pain.

there is loss.

you deserve none of it.

you deserve LIFE.

i cry. for you. now i weep.

be strong little girl.

hold fast. to something. to truth. to love.

you know love. to lose is to love.

but damn the man who made it that way.

may he be eternally damned to the deepest part of hell.

why you.

why my beautiful ruby.

why. why. why. why. why.

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