Monday, October 17, 2005

inflammation of the hand... (part ii)

So after seeing the dermatologist this morning, my "infection" has been narrowed down to a severe allergy. Not only is my hand still swollen, but my ears are as well as below my eyes. I never knew an allergy could be so much fun.

As for medication, I am now primarily on Prednisone; a corticosteroid used to treat severe allergies. My schedule for the next two weeks looks like this:

  • Days 1-5: 60mg a day
  • Days 6-10: 50mg a day
  • Days 11-15: 40mg a day

I'm also taking Zyrtec; an antihistamine, and Benadryl at night.

The most exciting part about all of this? Well that's simply the fact that I'm on steroids and I'll be playing softball Thursday night. I figure my left arm will just have to hit the ball over the fence all by its little lonesome...


Joel said...

this dashes my hopes of having a genuine captain hook for some future halloween party, but overall i'd say that this way is better

James said...

And a Captain James Hook at that...

timsamoff said...

Oh, joy... We have something deathly in common: