Friday, October 14, 2005

inflammation of the hand...

I know the title of this blog doesn't necessarily sound pleasant or happy-happy-joy-joy, but hey they all don't have to be fun and games.

So my hand has been healing pretty well from when I fell off my scooter (a Piaggio [maker of Vespas] Liberty 150[cc]) two weeks ago. I've accidentally knocked a couple of my scabs off, but overall the function of my hand has become pretty normal. That is, until last night.

It actually started yesterday afternoon while I was hanging out in my friend's dorm room. My hand started itching more than normal, and I noticed that small bumps were beginning to rise between my wrist and knuckles. Being the intelligent one that he is, he went to webmd to see if we could find anything. We think it could be some kind of fungus that has entered through my wounds and onto my hand, but we're not quite sure. I went home and it seemed to slightly go away, away enough so that it didn't bother me when I played softball. But I woke up at 5 this morning because my hand was itching like crazy. Turns out the bumps have spread up my arm.

So I called the dermatologist to schedule an appointment, and of course neither of the doctors are in until Monday. So let's hope that my hand doesn't fall off before Monday, that probably wouldn't be the most enjoyable thing.

Update: At 1am I went to the emergency room. My hand had swelled to about twice its normal size. They have no idea what it could be, their best guess is an allergy. They sent me home with prescriptions to fill in the morning.

Current mood: Tired yet trusting.


timsamoff said...

Does it look anything like this:

(The prescription, not the hand, I mean.) :)

James said...

Indeed it does. Except for the first five days I'm taking six tablets, the next five I'm taking five tablets, and then the next five I'm taking four tablets. And yes, it's prednisone as well. Sigh, good times.