Saturday, August 02, 2008

life in technicolor...

let's write.

frankly, i don't consider myself a writer at all. my grammar and typing etiquette aren't up to par and i don't figure they will be any time soon. fine by me though. all the more reason to just keep writing and writing, maybe one day i'll get better. actually, i've heard that if you read books you're more likely to be a better writer. makes perfect sense.

i promised a friend i would pick up a book this week and read it after their suggestion. i didn't. it's true i forgot but c'mon it's not like i didn't have anything pressing to do this week. the book's called the road less traveled; anyone heard of it?

my penny collection is slowly but surely rising. i've started adding dollar bills to my sparkletts jug, just to make it interesting...and the money is certainly adding up faster now. (duh). 

so my battery on my mac is pretty much ka-put. it's gone through 403 cycles these past two years and the guy at the mac store said they only replace them if they're less than a year old. well that's obviously not the case but right now i don't have the budget to spend $130 on a battery. i'll just have to keep it plugged in for now. i'd also like to buy another gig of memory and install leopard, but those will just have to wait. why oh why are computers so expensive. i could probably buy a semi-decent desktop for the $350 i want/need to put into my laptop.

that's about it for now, methinks i'm going to watch an episode of weeds and then go to bed.

oh - i recommend reading 1 John. that's good stuff.

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