Monday, August 18, 2008


That's right folks, today I scooted my little butt over to AppleOne in hopes for a job.

Let them do the work for me right?


I told them I'm available for anything - I figure that way I'm guaranteed something in a minimal amount of time. Unless of course they have to search more jobs as a result of that. But that's their job correct? Correct.

Don't think of me as lazy, think of me as Gepetto, creating a live puppet instead of having to twist and turn the strings myself.


Moore Musings said...

nice ;)

Mikkele Suzanne said...

i did a temp job once. it only lasted for two days and i had to convince half-marathoners to eat garden burgers and these weird glycemic energy bars.

James said...

what an amazing experience :)

gosh how can that not make you laugh?

Alisa Marie said...

i'm temping. well subbing. same same.

catbonny said...

temping is easy and good money and seriously to me it seems like most people who temp have awesome stories to tell.

I think you are right. sit back and let them find you a job, and if you can collrct unemployment in the mean time even better. = )