Thursday, August 28, 2008

so now what...

it's not like i'm new to this
this life that God has so abundantly blessed me with
with friends, family and so much more
more than i deserve, more than i can imagine

imagine what God has in store for me
me, little 'ol me, what am i waiting for?
for a fanfare or a small movement of a rock?
rock my world God, that's all i can ask

ask me to follow you and i'll go
go where you lead me wherever it is
is that enough for me to wish?
wish it were that easy...

God use me. Show me something that isn't easy, that isn't mundane or repetitive. Give me something to chase after, something much more than I've ever experienced before. In you, and you alone I trust. My heart is yours.


Mikkele Suzanne said...

you were totally blogging during church, weren't you?

James said...