Saturday, December 27, 2008

on distant shores...

and off of the blocks
i was headstrong and proud
at the front of the line
for the card-carrying, highbrowed
with both eyes fastened tight
yet unscarred from the fight
running at full tilt
my sword pulled from its hilt

it's funny how these days can slip away
our frail deeds
the last will wave good-bye
it's funny how the hope will bleed away
the citadels we build and fortify

night came and i broke my stride
i swallowed hard but never cried
when grace was easy to forget
i'd denounce the hypocrites
casting first stones
killing my own
you would unscale my blind eyes
and i stood battered but more wise
fighting to accelerate
shaking free from crippling weight
with resilience unsurpassed
i clawed my way to you at last
and on my knees
i wept at your feet
i finally believed
that you still loved me


ashley said...

you didnt know when you posted this that almost a year later you would be driving with me singing this at the top of your lungs...

James said...

I certainly didn't...

Do you ever look back at life and think, if only?

I really try not to, but just a thought.