Monday, September 08, 2008

chicken, or tomatoes...

Because I am such a loving brother and want my sister to eat good, healthy food, I made sure to switch her five chicken nuggets with five small tomatoes while she was busy doing something else. I took the chicken nuggets, hid them in the cup cupboard (redundant?), and shuffled off to my room. I knew she'd find them right away, considering this isn't the first time I have done such a thing as this. Maybe I need to find a better hiding spot.

Oh did I mention I took her to get them after picking her up from work? Or that it was my idea to get food from a not-so-good fast food joint? Didn't think so, but then again it doesn't make me any less wonderful of a brother.


the CoR said...

Okay, number one: That's ridiculous. haha. Emil and I laughed.

Number two: Is there a way to comment on shared items on Google Reader? 'Cause I can't figure it out.

James said...

No there isn't. Sad day.