Monday, September 15, 2008


I suppose one of the downfalls of writing for two consecutive weeks is that your brain begins to slow down on things to think and write about. This is fine in some circumstances I suppose, such as considering it forces it to work harder and thus improves productivity in the long run - but for now it's still quite slow.

I learned a new thing today. I'm surprised I didn't know it earlier but better late than never. I learned how to type in an umlaut during an everyday typing conversation. You know, the two dots over a vowel, such as in the word Entouräge. In case you didn't know, you type alt-u then the letter in which you wish the magical dots to appear over.

Oh, back to not having ideas of things to write about. I have an idea, how about you, my loyal readers, give me suggestions as to topics I should write about. I'm open to anything really, and if I'm not I'll be sure to let you know.

Have at it!


the CoR said...

Little known fact: My fiance is the one who decided to put the superfluous umlaut over the "a" in entourage. The grammarian in me is annoyed by it, but the rest of me thinks it kinda fun. Additionally, he was on the original Entourage (he's old) with none other than Kelly O'Dell! Did you know Mikala Hooper is living with her now? Coolest roomies ever. You should visit them.

the CoR said...

And in response to your shared item on Google... holy crap. You have to wonder exactly when in the jump that guy realized he was not gonna make it. Was it the moment of impact? Was it the moment he left the roof? One can only wonder.