Saturday, September 06, 2008

epitome of hyperbole...

i have jury duty tomorrow. no wait, monday. the courts aren't open on sundays...probably not best to commit a crime on a friday. or on any day for that matter. but let's get to the point. i'm watching brian regan on comedy central right now (thanks CoRri) and if you haven't heard him before then i suggest you fix that. he's clean, and he's funny. in my book, that's a good combination for a comedian. 

i had to laugh though, because he had a small bit where he was talking about how everyone is trying to one-up the other person when trying to get out of jury duty. this one guy was a victim of however many crimes and the guy after him was one of that many more. reminds me somewhat of kristen wiig. (that's right i gave you two different links. i'm awesome like that).

anyway i'm hoping that the best thing to do is just sit and look young and stupid and maybe the prosecutor won't pick me, because hey - they're guilty if they're making me sit there and listen to them. oh what a great citizen i am.

in other news i think i'm going to be a political satirist - it might be the best way to go.


Mikkele Suzanne said...

brian regan is funny. i love his one about the emergency room and the pain scale

Alisa Marie said...

i was hoping the wiig link would take to another video. I totally adore her.

I once did jury duty and i had a very opinionated Christian who had led his philosophy get to his head. he would say things like "Well.... i don't believe in all the laws unless they are fundamentally and morally sound. so i would have to read all the laws to make sure they didn't encroach on my believe system....."