Tuesday, September 02, 2008

scoot scoot...

I don't know if it will work, but I'm going to try and blog every day of this month. Dream big right?

Have I ever mentioned that I love that the "labels for this post" examples at the bottom of the new entry page contains scooters? I do. Because I love my scooter. My nameless scooter. You'd think after four years together I'd be kind enough to name the poor thing. I've taken it through enough pain and suffering to at least give it the common decency of a proper noun.

Little known facts about my scooter, for those of you possibly wishing to help in this naming game:
- only one mirror on the left side, the other is broken off and won't be fixed soon
- scratches on the right side of body, broken footpeg on right
- color silver
- official name is a Piaggio LT 150 (LT stands for Liberty)
- Italian made, gas powered, and AWESOME

Just a few things, most of you who read this have seen it many a time anyway, so really, I just need your help.



Mikkele Suzanne said...

so it used to have a foot peg on the right hand side. interesting.

how about we call it pegleg

the CoR said...

When I started reading the entry I was like, Hmmm... I thought it had a name. Then I remembered.... haha. Lady Liberty. Just takin' a ride on good ol' Lady Liberty. ;o)

James said...

Mikkele - Tis a thought :-) I like the idea of it sort of being a tranny vehicle, much like Marshall's fiero.

CoR - Ahh yes, and yet I don't know how set on that I was. But we do know I did think it was a comical idea to say I was going to ride Lady Liberty...